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Could There Be Life On Mars

NASA has some new information that is leading them to believe that Mars could support life. They used the special Compact Reconnaissance Imaging Spectrometer (CRISM) on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and scientists were able to discover carbonate minerals on the surface of the planet. For the longest time scientists believed that the environment on Mars […]

NASA To Send Ares Rocketship Off A Year Early

NASA has high hopes that they will be able to send people to the moon a year earlier then they planned. They had scheduled to send people in 2015. At this time Congress is worried by the fact that we have to rely on Russia in order to make any trips to the International Space […]

NASA’s Messenger Craft Takes New Pictures Of Mercury

Hundreds of photos of Mercury were beamed to Earth by a U.S. spacecraft. The photos showed images of landscapes on the surface of the planet that have never been seen before. They released four of these high resolution pictures to the media – which were posted on NASA’s Messenger web site. One of the pictures […]